Fight Club T-Shirt

Fight Club T-Shirt


Hello and welcome to “”

Where all your questions about the famous Black Sugar Fight Club Shirt that Tyler Durden wears shall be answered shortly.

I currently am working on my first prototype of the “Fight Club T-Shirt

Fight Club Shirt



  1. David October 8, 2014

    Really interested in this but $200/250 is rather excessive don’t you think?

  2. Jonas June 13, 2015

    Hey David,

    See I have spent at least 200+ hours at this project (research/designing/printing/stitching, blablba).
    I provide a premium product and not some cheap random Tank Top.

    If you see the value cool, if not I can understand that the price might be an objection.
    But that´s what I know it´s worth and I feel comfortable selling it for that amount.

    take care
    – Jonas

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