what I found out so far about the famous Shirt


The famous black sugar tank top and what I found out so far

It was earlier this year when i wanted to become Tyler Durden for a local event called “Karneval” in Germany, when i figured out that there was nearly no usable and definitely not a single convenient page considering this topic.   This is when I quickly registered blacksugartanktop.com I want to recreate the tank top and sell it.   But for now let´s first find out what´s behind all that mysterious buzz around a “stupid” Shirt / Tank Top.   It´s within the last scenes of “Fight Club” Tyler Durden wears this badass looking Tank Top.

I wanted to find out where I could buy it. I spent 4 hours doing research about this “stupid” Shirt. Many people asked for someone to build a replica of it. I only saw one person did. But he didn´t sell it and it wasn´t nearly similar to the original one.   The shirt is made out of old porn-magazines covers. One of them is called “Foto Girls” it seems to be a German Magazine. I recently foblack sugar tank topund a picture of it.  This can be found in the bottom left of the tank top.

Stay tuned!


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