what I found out so far about the famous Shirt


The famous black sugar tank top and what I found out so far

It was earlier this year when i wanted to become Tyler Durden for a local event called “Karneval” in Germany, when i figured out that there was nearly no usable and definitely not a single convenient page considering this topic.   This is when I quickly registered blacksugartanktop.com I want to recreate the tank top and sell it.   But for now let´s first find out what´s behind all that mysterious buzz around a “stupid” Shirt / Tank Top.   It´s within the last scenes of “Fight Club” Tyler Durden wears this badass looking Tank Top.

I wanted to find out where I could buy it. I spent 4 hours doing research about this “stupid” Shirt. Many people asked for someone to build a replica of it. I only saw one person did. But he didn´t sell it and it wasn´t nearly similar to the original one.   The shirt is made out of old porn-magazines covers. One of them is called “Foto Girls” it seems to be a German Magazine. I recently foblack sugar tank topund a picture of it.  This can be found in the bottom left of the tank top.

Stay tuned!


  1. Anthony Pecoraio October 9, 2014

    One of the magazine covers is an Asain Babes or Oriental Babe magazine. One the cover i think it says “350 Oriental Cuties”. It’s located in the middle of the tank.

  2. nicker October 14, 2014

    lets go, I want one too!

  3. Jonas June 13, 2015

    Hey Anthony,
    Thank you for your help!
    In fact it´s called “230 Oriental Cuties”.

  4. Jonas June 13, 2015

    I am so on it!

  5. Strawberry Jones June 29, 2015

    Hey Jonas, I’ve been following this website for a long long time and I just wanted to congratulate you on sticking to it with dedication and finally finishing the black sugar tank top

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