Fight Club Shirt Prototypes in India

Fight Club Shirt

Fight Club Shirt – Black Sugar visiting India

 Fight Club Shirt

Hey there all,

I am currently in inida working with my manufacturer on the most high-quality product possible.

pictures etc. are following soon!


Currently there is a Pre-Order disount.

After the release the Shirt will be available in all sizes for 149$,

for pre-orders just 99$


The Black Sugar Shirt will be ready in the mid/late of this year (2015).


if you have any questions leave a comment.


Talk to you soon,



  1. Lan May 1, 2015

    hi there i was wondering how the tanks are coming along are they ready to ship if they are i’m ready for the product

  2. Ethan June 9, 2015

    hello I think it’s a great t shirt fight club but I apologize to tell you these overpriced I’d love me achter but I have no money asser if you could lower the price ça
    be super cool thank you to answer me

  3. Jonas June 13, 2015

    ready to ship by 01.07.15

  4. Jonas June 13, 2015

    Hey Ethan,

    I could sell it for cheaper but that would be disrespectful to myself and the high quality of a premium product like The Black Sugar Shirt/Tank Top.

    Take Care
    – Jonas

  5. Chris June 15, 2015

    I see above you say they are ready to ship by 1-07-15 but obviously the date has passed did you mean January 1, 2016?

  6. Jonas June 16, 2015

    Hey Chris,

    I think we both had some typing issues, since your last comment says:
    “1-07-15” haha

    But that´s actually still in the future 😉

    And yes pre-orders will be shipped by:

    First of June 2015 (01-07-15)

    take care
    – Jonas

  7. Chris June 17, 2015

    I’m still confused haha! Do you mean pre orders will be shipped 07-01-15 (June 1, 2015)? Wasn’t that in the past haha- 2 weeks ago?

    Long story shirt- if I order tomorrow… Will it ship tomorrow by the above statement?

    We will figure this out ?

    Thanks again,

  8. Chris June 17, 2015

    I just realized the 7th month is July- I think that’s what we were both mistyping haha! Do I have it right now? Pre orders ship July 1, 2015?

  9. Jonas June 17, 2015

    Hey Chris I totally missed that we display our dates differently (Europe/US) haha.

    So the Tanks are shipped by the FIRST OF JULY 2015

    Thanks for letting me know that
    Take care
    – Jonas

  10. Roman calero June 23, 2015

    I’m from México how can I get te tank top black sugar?

  11. Jonas June 23, 2015

    via international shipping 😉

  12. Priscilla Galindo September 30, 2015

    Hi there,been looking for this shirt for a long time. I’m buying it for my boyfriend since he’s been looking for it for years. Is it still available???

  13. Author
    Jonas YouDontKnow October 1, 2015


    that´s cool!

  14. Jorge Molina October 21, 2015

    I checked and my order was placed on Aug 7th 2015 and I have yet to receive my tank! I need it to be tracked or a refund I have the PayPal receipt for confirmation

  15. Author
    Jonas YouDontKnow October 22, 2015

    all orders have been shipped.

    It will reach you in a couple of days.

    – Jonas

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