Tyler Durden´s Fur Coat is Out


About 2 months ago I was in Berlin for some business and walked by that small Stitchers shop.


A Woman was concentrating on her craft and, since I kew that I wanted to get a new stitching connection (outside India), I hopped in.


Nora was super friendly,  I told her about my project  , showed her pictures and she was excited.

It took another couple of weeks until I finally found all the necessary parts (esspecially the fur).

Once I got it, Nora was able to stitch the whole thing within 3 weeks from scratch.

Here are the first pictures she sent to me after finishing it.


AilxeG3_Omz-ETYsdvsbAv8QeJz1KICSUE37fxw3WY7d  AiXsa4oG_PnHC5Ejb78qwIQSUyP80w8G7Vi8Gm8DpqZG 20151214045411AhCZmZ43LxISYXoCaNvrU_Q8E_AtEvvKzPBDfvD5c-ta

– Jonas


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